is $20 a month or $50 for all the other adobe cloud shit.
Old versions of dreamweaver do nice ftp sychronization, Beyond Compare does too in a sophisticated way. Old versions perhaps have some problems in new windows operatings systems, im doing ok in 7. The new CC adobe Dreamweaver may want to erase your old software so I have not tried it.

Dreamweaver does fix links when you rearrange files in its file window

Old versions have an opensource plug in that will convert back and forth all links between absolute and relative with some sophistication. Relative works everywhere which is good until people steal your website and post it other places, uploading in absolute thwarts them significantly.

Microsoft Expression Web 4 (Free Version)
is free to download, but no longer supported, some people like it better than dreameaver.
I does not delete superfluous files on the server during sycrhonization as is possible in Dreamweaver and Beyond Compare.

Does Expressions fix links when you rearrange files in its file window? Yes it seems to fix the links!


Edit/settings/interface/uncheck 'do not save password'
Edit/settings/file editing/ use custom editor
"C:\Program Files (x86)\LibreOffice 4\program\swriter.exe"
File/sitemanager/site/logon type 'normal' (or?account?)
File/sitemanager/site/setup default directory
connect to ftp, hilight file, right click/view edit (will open in LibreOffice)
save in Libre will trigger prompt in Filezilla to put changes to server.
After putting changes to server close LibreOffice(saved locally to temp)
Copy new server file to local website version by drag n drop
if you repeat this click box discard local file and reopen server (instead of previous temp)

The file comparison functions in Filezille dont work properly because the sizes and dates/time is always different enough to not know the files are the same, so you have to know yourself or use Beyond Compare or Dreamweaver sychronize. Similarly it does not have a remove orphan superfluous files from the server.

Browse to hyperlinks does exist in Libre office.

Stupidly, in order to access LibreOffice web uploading options you must go to: Tools/options/LibreOffice/General and then check the box that says “Use LibreOffice Dialogs”. Then later, when you use File/Save As/ a new save box has the button “Servers” said button creates a dialog box to set up various types of Labeled upload password protocols.

Later during your first definition it asks for a LibreOffice global master password above the individual upload passwords that you will be tediously retypeing for example when you first open office and enter the Ftp site directly to search for files to open via: File/Open which now has the “Servers” button.

So I open a wordpad rich text file save it as html and then save to remote file The usual struggle with small spelling errors. Then the path has to be right, in this case the with no www in the path for Dreamhost.

Or for a new file in Libre office I open it as a text file then save my work as html, that seems to retain the 8 by 11 line management, whereas the fresh new LibreOffice html file is ultra wide and undefined. It is part of the Cromag philosopy that all web pages be designed for printing.

a.Control K = Insert/hyperlink, dialog of choices, external, local file, within document

So far the local links I made have worked on the website, so far all the files are in the root directory.
“<a href="cromagp.html">'Cromag' procedures</a>” and have this format.

During an edit of a web page created else where, Libre office introduces some voluminious garble with each photograph link, possibly some attempt to embed the photo that I have not figured out.

Beyond Compare-----------------------------------------30 days or so evaluation
I am using 'Beyond Compare' which has FTP to disk comparison and syncing, which is nice, it does not solve the problem of mixing private workfiles with upload file. Some method of marking the files destined to the web is needed, possibly when the file is linked to the web hierachy, on could manually add “a_” to the front of the file, then some batch search operation could be done to isolate the uploadable files in Beyond Compare. And a script could search the link structure in index.htm and chase it on down the line to find all the linked files and present them in a search, thus doing what Dreamweaver 4 does.

Select 'Tools' then 'Profiles' and set up the ftp parameters, press the '+' button on the bottom and a menu of types of profiles will appear. I selected plain ftp and filled it out, it can then be saved to some with a creaded folder.
Then when you open a new session of folder compare you press the semi open folder symbol on the tool bar and it goes to dialog where you can select the profile you saved and then it goes to lets say Dreamhost and shows you all the goddam site folders in your account, I select the one I want to desecrate, in this case this website.

I am so far using the newer all Java version...all platform? Phones? Macro system is most amenable to createing custom functions?

The Ftp dialog is Alt-F or XHTML/RunFtpService. When you fill in a name in the second slot , the next time you open the box that name will be recallable in the first box.
There is a sync function to prevent pointless reloading that is based on file dates,

for one file, I do not seem to be able to create 2 ftp definitions as saved or functional.

I am not sure if there is an auto delete files on the server that is no longer on the PC folder system.
I am not sure if there a way to tag the files that are web files based on links so as to only upload those and not the other working files not part of web.
I am not sure if there is a way to do global link rewrites relative absolute etc, would that be done just to the uploaded server file set after the fact to differenciate from the local serverless functional website?

When I change the file open in Archnophila in another program like LibreOffice Arachnophila notices and promts for optional update..nice.

"I'm not a big fan of this particular html editor, although I am an Arachnophillia user. This version here is user hostile. It's just .. weird - no other way to explain it. It took everything that was good in the prior version and turned it into something evil, in my opinion. I will however repeat something a previous reviewer said - Arachnophillia V4 - MUCH better. I've used it for many years now and quite content with it."

“This is a great program if you have time to customize it, or if you want a cross-platform editor. I went back to the old version (4) just 'cuz it's easier to use and has a few features that are absent in v5 (like copying images from one folder to another. But all-in-all, it's one of the best editors freeware and shareware.”

“I have used Paul Lutus's Arachnophilia tool for the last 8 years and he keeps on improving it. The first incarnation of this app was written in C++ but in protest to Microsoft the whole app has been written in Java. Excellent news for people like me who need cross-platform development tools. Give it a go, I think its a fantastic app.”

“I have used Arachnophilia almost since exclusively since i started designing in 1998. I chose it at the time because it was careware (free), and was easy for a neophyte to use. With each successive version, practical features are added that keep the program current with prevailing standards, and that improve the usability of the software. Although I hand-code almost exclusively, I make the most of a very sophisticated set of macros that semi-automate the process of inserting common tags. Every conceivable tag has a macro and they are intuitively organized in the familiar Windows directory tree style. The upgraded XHTML capabilities of the latest version have made a huge difference in my productivity level. It's a little frustrating that you can have color coded syntax OR text wrapping, but not both. Text wrap works only when color coding is turned off. For the most part it's a minor inconvenience, and I can understand the programmer's reluctance to gut the program code to change it. I occasionally try out other text and WYSIWYG editors, but always come back to Arachnophilia for virtually everything I do.”

Other Editors , cloud managers concepts
Chris is using something called atom?
ampps service