A caveman can grab a rock and put a drawing on the stone wall for everyone to see, computers should decrease bureaucracy, we don't need more bureaucracy. Pointless and bad IT is destructive and wasteful.

Link to: How this will save time and money so we all be usefull and can cure cancer and heart disease and stuff

The problem is link/upload differentiation management. Perhaps new macros in Arachnophilia, and Libre Office might be a way to go. Libre and Arachnophilia are Java hmm plug in format.....

1.Uploading web publish files that are mixed with files you do not want to publish. These files as a group are your vast important work, you do not have time to duplicate data and take care of duplicate versions. (the index file could start a trace back of links to files and only those files would be uploaded)

. User files might have 2 websites sharing access to a the same hierarchy of folders and files; uploaded differently to different websites, (my old version of Dreamweaver objects to different sites shareing any directory locations. This is likely related to its auto update links when moving files function)

3. Links that work on the PC disk with relative/disk file path so that you can browse it directly without a server and then on the web upload it is converted into the various desired link types, (absolute, and relative cannonical etc. as an element of the FTP function to keep the link types automatically maintained by location) Thus you can zip some or all of a weblike structure on your hard drive and send it to someone as a zip file that turns into an action document that kicks ass on bogus acrobat. Or at least you can find your stuff on your own computer and kick out parts of your lifes work to the web as needed without any work.

Questions and Half Assed answers about how to do it :

Here is a jpg sketch of the menu method of handling the goals herein known as 'Cromag'. The idea is to scan the links and put them in a .cvs file and work off of that to accomplish machinations of uploading part or all and changing link type and structure with batch commands. It seems clear that a narrow discipline of the syntax of link types to be first written in websites is needed to make the link detection algorithms accurate. There are some ambigious link syntaxes out there and we are not like a smartphone trying to make links out of tiny fractions of text as an annoying favor to people.

A. Libre Office for an easy What you see is what you get page editor. So it makes a link that works on disk with a file path description, WHICH may or may not work as desired when uploaded to the web site, because of global link styles that need to routinely globally automatically changed.
(but intra document links work when uploaded? You make a mark such as a 'bookmark' in the text and then make a hypertext link to that)

a.Control K = Insert/hyperlink, dialog of choices, external, local file, within document

I can start text pages in Wordpad, which kindly makes links of links, and is not a resource hog. But I must OPEN .rtf file with Libreoffice to translate links and save it as html (paste does not translate links).

Link to: background info on link types, relative, absolute etc

B. Batch converting Links among Absolute, Relative etc is a critical feature to allow websites to work on the Personal Computers disk without a server with one kind of link and upload to the web with another kind of link that thwarts people who steal the website and post it somewhere else and have all the links still work for them, unless I want it that way.

A fellow wrote a plug in for Dreamweaver 4 that did batch relink beautifully but it is no longer updated for newer versions of Dreamweaver.

Change Absolute to Relative links in HTML files
perl script

Root Relative URLs (Scripts) 1.2 - Free Root Relative URLs (Scripts) Download at Downloadplex.com
word press plug in partial fix

WordPress › Root Relative URLs « WordPress Plugins
word press plug in partial fix

C. when you move files/folders around the directory, which software records that move and fixes the links for you?

Well Dreamweaver does that when you do the move thru their file handler. And Dreamweaver did not, may not allow more than one site definition in the same folder system....Of course 'Windows Explorer' should do that so that your desktop could be a kind of personal index file to keep a logic to what you are doin in your life on said computer device.


FTP function
mixed in with private files on working computer, with the ability to synchronize to ftp website hoster without uploading adjacent private files.

Theoretically I could upload one file ..index, and check "and dependent files" and that would get only the web files not the private. This feature was in Dreamweaver 4.

There was and is a desirable feature to delete files on the uploaded server that are not longer part of the website plan. But that was depended on file structure in Dreamweaver 4 and perhaps not driven by “and dependent files”
and Dreamweaver 4 does not seem to allow mixing of hierarchy of the computer file structure shared between more than one website at least on windows 7 that it is not well compatible with.

Rumours and gossip about various authoring and FTP capable programs.

People pissed off at Dreamweaver of they want to do uploads not from the master PC version,but from other random directions with the site itself as the master.

“"Notify on Put" option for dependent files only works if I am working off of a Defined Site with an FTP connection versus simply an FTP connection.  I would prefer to work with straight FTP instead of a Site so I don't have to worry about accidentally working from an old local cached file versus the latest copy from the server “

E. Function to put links above (ie on top of) places in photographs and drawings
Yeah! It is found inside ol' dreamweaver open properties window, 'ImageMap' is the word, the html command is 'usemap' although the code in this example seems to accomplish the mode through another method of plain 'map', but in my version of dreamweaver I do see 'usemap' in the code


maybe a grid or table function transparent with the picture would allow links all over the picture some links about that

--------------How this will save time and money so we all be usefull and can cure cancer and heart disease and stuff---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Save time and money with One place typing = word processing,, printing, uploading to web pages, sending/download a zipped website to be operated on other peoples PC/phones without a server, links which work without a server on PC/phone, local file organization

This is to replace “Powerpoint” and “Acrobat”. to replace operating system architecture with link architecture, replace instruction manuals with a cradle to grave developing body of information, This is what a legitimate operating system should already do, (If we do create parasitic program to Windows/Mac and or a cromag linux build where we would also do file compare syncing, boot image backup and migrate/clone, not obsoleting old software..etc.)

if your desktop was a window that was a mash up between primative dreamweaver file handler/browser/office in one with canned html pages that replicated spreadsheet and document functionality, with explicit ability to globally convert links to from those that work on the host computer to open in host folder files Without server side software….. one would be on the way to an html operating system where you could keep track of your work by logic and description instead of trying to remember file locations, this means you could send a whole folder to someone else and they could read it/use it on a projector and drill down to data as needed. If the data is ready for publication then you upload to the web.

the forced primitivism to avoid self hosting server installation is then a boon to mobile phone functionality and a general attack on microsoft and adobe software bunk and the myriad specialist overhead that plaugues any organization with an IT tax. This idea is like poop under the nose of web designers as it is negative html design, how little can you do lao tsu?

It would be amazing to browse and edit pages at the same time in the same window.
(it would be amazing we could get back to pre NATS when private computers could talk directly to each other without going through some corporation, possibly by combining a packet sniffer defense computer outside of the router with basic direct communication software that leaves no record and is airgapped tfrom protected side of the router)

Image of sketch of format of menu checklist to perform Cromag link modification process

background info on link types, relative, absolute etc –-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Adobe Dreamweaver About linking and navigation sez dreamweaver help



“Changing this setting will not convert the path of existing links after you click OK. The setting applies only to new links you create with Dreamweaver.”

“There is no reason to use the full address (http://www.google.com or http://www.msn.com) when making a relative link within the same website because this information is automatically inferred by the web browser. As long as you omit the protocol and the web site address, the browser will assume it is a relative link. That means the browser looks for the destination file of your link within the same website (and even same folder).”
“Specifically, we need to use ../ to move up to the root directory (http://www.msn.com/). Once there, it is just matter of moving down to the specific location of destination file. Our destination file is located two directories down from the root directory. Therefore, we need to use the directory name and a forward slash for moving one level down, as go/news/. Lastly, we need the destination file name, which is latest.htm. So our anchor tag contains the resulting link path as: <a href="../go/news/latest.htm">Latest news</a>. See figure 3.”

Why relative URLs should be forbidden for web developers • Yoast
nameless /.. dot equals level scheme “Relative URLs are all URLs that do not contain a fully qualified domain name and path, but instead just the path or a portion of the path“ “Relative URLs are often used because developers have a test environment on another hostname and it makes it easy for them to move stuff between their test environment and their live environment.” sez Yost dude whos sore about search engine optimization problems that I dont really care that much about. But I do care about sending a zip of web site to someone that they can use as a manual anywhere they save it.

“ relative canonical URLs. A canonical URL is supposed to link to the “perfect” URL for a piece of content on your website.” sez Yost dude
“What this does is “merge” the two pages into one from a search engine’s perspective. It’s basically a “soft redirect”, without redirecting the user. “ Even if someone is allowed to repost your website the search engine credit still goes to the orginator of the website if the code is included, so all your credit from all locations goes to one credit or search result.

recommends above link examiner which find messed up links, does not seem to fix things


“With the absolute links, not only you have to specify the directory (and file information) but also the website address.”

This would make it harder to steal a website and post it elsewhere I rekon.

Here is some dogma about implementing automated relative / absolute link changing ===================================

Java types











–------------------------Heres documentation of the old dreamweaver plugin that was so great –------------------------------------------------------
Relativity 1.5.1 command Jason Dalgarno

This command will change links to and from document relative, root relative or absolute URLs.

Applies to all links (%URI from the XHTML 1.0 transitional DTD) except form action and base href.

This command can be applied to a single document or sitewide.

Access this command via the Change Link Relativity item within the Commands menu.


This command will allow you to easily change the linking method to document relative, root relative or absolute.

The document relative, root relative and absolute buttons will apply the command to the current file only.

The sitewide buttons will apply the command to all files in the current site matching the regular expression in the files box. While the sitewide function is not known to cause any problems you are advised to make a complete backup of the site before use.

Affected attributes

By default the command applies to the following attributes.

Attributes defined as %URI in XHTML 1.0 Transitional/Frameset.



















































Form action and base href are left out intentionally. You can edit Configuration\Shared\jsn\relativity\uris.txt to add tags and attributes to change. The format of the file is TAGNAME attribute otherattributes, TAGNAME should be in upper case, attributes in lower case. Non-standard attributes, (EMBED src, TABLE background), may be added in this manner.

The command will not modify links within javascript or CSS. External links (http://, mailto: javascript: etc) or links which appear to begin with server markup (ie '<') will not be modified.

Pages with <base href="..." /> will not be modified. Fragments of pages without <html> tags (such as those intended to be included by some server side process) will not be modified either.

Complex markup such as Flash movies (<param name="movie" value="foo.swf" />) cannot be modified. The command does not attempt to understand or modify markup used by various plugins.


If a template has any root relative links all child pages will have root relative links.

The command will only change links in editable regions. To use the command effectively you should:

open the template

run command on the template

update files

open files and run the command again.


run sitewide on files .+\.dwt$

modify> templates> update pages

run sitwide on .+\.(html?|php|asp)$ (for example)

Some users have noted a need to rebuild the site cache after running the command sitewide.

Absolute links

To change a relative link to an absolute http:// address (for use in a newsletter or an eBay listing, for example) or to change an absolute link back to a relative link, enter the site URL, protocol (http:// or https://) and domain only (and :port number if necessary), eg http://www.example.com, in the Site URL box and press the appropriate button, links can only be absolute one file at a time.

The Site URL never contains a path, for example, http://www.example.com/ebay is incorrect. Your site should be defined so that /ebay is a subfolder.


If you have a question that is not answered above you should try asking in the macromedia.dreamweaver newsgroup, if it has not already been answered.

Relativity was written because I had a need for it. I no longer have that need so I have no intention of making any further updates. Relativity is licensed under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2.1 of the License, or (at your option) any later version. If anyone wants to continue development, fix bugs, add features or whatever else you feel necessary send me (Jason Dalgarno) the link and I will add it to my page so that people know where to look for updates.

I'm not going anywhere, I just have other things I'd rather be doing. If you really need my help you can ask at the above address.

A href

APPLET codebase

AREA href


BODY background

DEL cite

FRAME longdesc src

HEAD profile

IFRAME longdesc src

IMG src longdesc usemap

INPUT src usemap

INS cite

LINK href

OBJECT classid codebase data usemap

Q cite


-------------All the rumors about FTP programs which may or may not be modifyable to automate global website link changes from relative to absolute and back etc and solve other problems sync delete etc----------

Stupidly, in order to access LibreOffice web uploading options you must go to: Tools/options/LibreOffice/General and then check the box that says “Use LibreOffice Dialogs”. Then later, when you use File/Save As/ a new save box has the button “Servers” said button creates a dialog box to set up various types of Labeled upload password protocols.

Later during your first definition it asks for a LibreOffice global master password above the individual upload passwords that you will be tediously retypeing for example when you first open office and enter the Ftp site directly to search for files to open via: File/Open which now has the “Servers” button.

So I open a wordpad rich text file save it as html and then save to remote file The usual struggle with small spelling errors. Then the path has to be right, in this case the name.com with no www in the path for Dreamhost.

Beyond Compare-----------------------------------------
I am using 'Beyond Compare' which has FTP to disk comparison and syncing, which is nice, it does not solve the problem of mixing private workfiles with upload file. Some method of marking the files destined to the web is needed, possibly when the file is linked to the web hierachy, on could manually add “a_” to the front of the file, then some batch search operation could be done to isolate the uploadable files in Beyond Compare. And a script could search the link structure in index.htm and chase it on down the line to find all the linked files and present them in a search, thus doing what Dreamweaver 4 does.

Select 'Tools' then 'Profiles' and set up the ftp parameters, press the '+' button on the bottom and a menu of types of profiles will appear. I selected plain ftp and filled it out, it can then be saved to some with a creaded folder.
Then when you open a new session of folder compare you press the semi open folder symbol on the tool bar and it goes to dialog where you can select the profile you saved and then it goes to lets say dreamhose and shows you all the goddam site folders in your account, I select the one I want to desecrate, in this case this website.

These below may help upload and synchronize, but Beyond Compare that I already have seems to work as well, it is an issue of link management, a further list about link management software is pasted below because only by using a single giant page can I sidestep the hand coding of link/upload differentiation management.

FileZilla , Cyberduck, CuteFTP, FireFTP, and so on,




WinSCP can do exactly what you want with it's Synchronize feature. The only problem is that it will occasionally miss an update and you'll have to stop the monitoring and restart it (which forces a full sync). I've only ever noticed this when I'm doing lots of saves to the same file over short time intervals though.”

Tried with goodsync, i only wanted to sync changed files. Instead i waited 5 hours for it to sync 4000 files and i found no way to skip a complete sync. – t.mikael.d Jun 6 '12 at 18:57

'that is true. I think it does a complete sync every time, “ http://www.goodsync.com/

There is a GREAT one called Fling - it's PERFECT - in EVERY WAY!!!! - except, oh, hmm, it doesn't update the ftp server when you DELETE files. it can only add, or modify....it's really an uploading tool, that one. unless someone asks them to add the lacking feature to the app.

And then FTPBox is the other mentionable, but after 10 minutes of trying it out, it's a no-go: it was jittery in its constant 'file x was uploaded' notifications when those certain files didn't even need to be re-synced, and while even updating a file from the local pc, it seemed to then override it with the penultimate version from on the server!!

I found AutoVer, i have added it as an answer to the question in hand. – t.mikael.d Jun 8 '12 at 11:10

Wow I think you've found a winner! After a small bug in setting up a new sync job (FTP invalid error - had to start afresh and add the FTP server details before going back and configuring the rest of the job), it seems pretty smooth and fast! I'll keep testing...it's much faster than goodsync, and seems to have JUST the feature set that I'm after. – user78017 Jun 8 '12 at 16:07”
AutoVer does what you ask and is free. It will copy to FTP/USB/Disk when files change and supports many other features. “

f you're trying to use your own FTP server, I think the free (abandonware) NetDrive plus Cobian Backup is your answer. Cobian will let you schedule the backup periodically.
Both Cobian and SecondCopy work directly with FTP servers, but I've found them to have issues with large filesets over FTP.

You can also try my free open-source project, IQBox FTP. It's designed to be simple and sync over FTP-SSL by default: iqstorage.com/iqbox.php – SilentSteel Oct 20 '13 at 10:22

I'm a programmer for the open-source IQBox FTP project: https://code.google.com/p/iqbox-ftp/

It syncs FTP in real-time (although it scans the FTP server as FTP servers don't support real-time notifications) and has an optional command-line tool for automation. There's a download for Windows. Also, the Python code works on Windows, Mac or Linux.

Late to the party! But this works great for me. And is free.

Total Commander has built-in functionality for FTP and synchronization. Just download and install it, connect to the FTP folder in the left pane, open local folder on the right, and choose Commands -> Synchronize Dirs.

Did you try FTP Synchronizer? It's designed for ftp file sync. It doesn't support real time sync, but you can let it sync files every few minutes.

Java ftp dogma







-------------All the rumours about AUTHORING programs which may or may not be modifyable to automate global website link changes from relative to absolute and back etc and may do ftp also and solve other problems sync delete etc ----------
I am so far using the newer all Java version...all platform? Phones? Macro system is most amenable to createing custom functions?

The Ftp dialog is Alt-F or XHTML/RunFtpService. When you fill in a name in the second slot , the next time you open the box that name will be recallable in the first box.
There is a sync function to prevent pointless reloading that is based on file dates,

for one file, I do not seem to be able to create 2 ftp definitions as saved or functional.

I am not sure if there is an auto delete files on the server that is no longer on the PC folder system.
I am not sure if there a way to tag the files that are web files based on links so as to only upload those and not the other working files not part of web.
I am not sure if there is a way to do global link rewrites relative absolute etc, would that be done just to the uploaded server file set after the fact to differenciate from the local serverless functional website?

When I change the file open in Archnophila in another program like LibreOffice Arachnophila notices and promts for optional update..nice.

"I'm not a big fan of this particular html editor, although I am an Arachnophillia user. This version here is user hostile. It's just .. weird - no other way to explain it. It took everything that was good in the prior version and turned it into something evil, in my opinion. I will however repeat something a previous reviewer said - Arachnophillia V4 - MUCH better. I've used it for many years now and quite content with it."

This is a great program if you have time to customize it, or if you want a cross-platform editor. I went back to the old version (4) just 'cuz it's easier to use and has a few features that are absent in v5 (like copying images from one folder to another. But all-in-all, it's one of the best editors freeware and shareware.”

I have used Paul Lutus's Arachnophilia tool for the last 8 years and he keeps on improving it. The first incarnation of this app was written in C++ but in protest to Microsoft the whole app has been written in Java. Excellent news for people like me who need cross-platform development tools. Give it a go, I think its a fantastic app.”

I have used Arachnophilia almost since exclusively since i started designing in 1998. I chose it at the time because it was careware (free), and was easy for a neophyte to use. With each successive version, practical features are added that keep the program current with prevailing standards, and that improve the usability of the software. Although I hand-code almost exclusively, I make the most of a very sophisticated set of macros that semi-automate the process of inserting common tags. Every conceivable tag has a macro and they are intuitively organized in the familiar Windows directory tree style. The upgraded XHTML capabilities of the latest version have made a huge difference in my productivity level. It's a little frustrating that you can have color coded syntax OR text wrapping, but not both. Text wrap works only when color coding is turned off. For the most part it's a minor inconvenience, and I can understand the programmer's reluctance to gut the program code to change it. I occasionally try out other text and WYSIWYG editors, but always come back to Arachnophilia for virtually everything I do. “








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--------------------some stuff about grids , interactive spreadsheets and stuff that maybe is too esoteric/ambitious , and just link tables behind scanned photos is all that is needed




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