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X. Web, Hyperlinks should be our operating system, publishing presenting etc, websites should be emailable documents etc etc. it is total shit we have duplicate our work to ruin our lives for taxation of our life moments to the profit Adobe PDF, PowerPoint, Microsoft Office, crappy operating system filehandlers and desktops.
Here is the dumbest poor mans web software methods to Replace it all with free software where possible. Better applications are contemplated in
'Cromag' procedures .

X. Backing up Windows Boot Drive Hardware Migration hell. (Bill and Melinda Gates are assholes, We could cure malaria if our time was not wasted by Windows, a destructive tax on society, planned obsolescence, bloat hell)
So The point is Shit Windows has a hidden file path limit that destroys your ability to restore your backup! And they provide no method or protection or solution or notice for this absurd flaw! You can’t find the flaw nor delete it!? Fucking assholes.
You must Pre-prepare your disk using obscure fringe softwares found on the net in clumsy tedious steps to expunge all the long file name paths that have accumulated on your disk. See below.
to do back ups the process is still a struggle, using Acronis software and others without full confidence that the back up will be reliable. Migrating your boot disk to a new hardware is a super tech ordeal! Insane! Whiny tech people say we should reinstall all our software so it will be clean? Impossible to recreate all the versions and setups, an insane attitude. In this respect Apple makes boot drive migration easy. (however saving a separate image on another disk in a folder with other stuff is still a freaky extra obscure tedium to the gape faced psuedo intelligent software urchins who have no concept of earthly productivity and utility.)

X. Give us an absolute CSV comma separated values file! Of data out of your data device, health device whatever so we can interpret the data in OpenOffice or something, Your stupid app and proprietary software is broken, sucks and has no way to print it out to fax to the doctor, which is the only way you can get stuff to them in reality, short of printing it out and handing it to them. And your device is broken too, since you spend all your effort promoting your stupid phone app instead of using the product yourself or reading the horror stories on you own forums. You suck. Tech parasites.
Data Convertors to CVS available so far
Spreadsheet files written to display various CVS data types

X. Outside the router firewall computer that does packet sniffing protection but also does true old internet peer to peer direct internet (pre nats) for data connections and telephony that is independent of the corporate government internet cloud privacy rape system.
Computer to do:
Outside defence for inside conventional router
direct peer to peer telephony,data

X. Off grid local router hosted wifi message board for local communications by any wifi device with a browser, independent and outside of the corporate government internet cloud privacy rape system.

X. Linux Loaded and Configured for you on:
Mesh Routers

X. LinuxJumpstart, Multi Operating Systems Thumbdrive booted, Preconfigured.

X. PreProgrammed Radio Scanners for Low Altitude Aviation, area/GPS local frequencies

X. PreProgrammed Two Way Radios for Work and Emergency Use